Friday, March 3, 2017

Report: King of System Collab Drinks - Yuri!!! on Ice and Haikyuu (November 2016 to January 2017)

I'll be making a guide for King of System soon, but all you really need to know is that it's a karaoke joint that does a lot of anime collaborations. They also do take out, so you can just pick these drinks up at any time from their participating store fronts. Dope, right? 

So let's see what I got this time. 

Sadly, I only ended up ordering 5 drinks from these menus. I got to try a couple extra when my friends ordered, but I won't really talk about those here.  You can guess what drinks I ordered.


Yuri Plisetsky Drink
So this was my first drink from this place! I would say that it was not that great to be honest. The drink was basically CC Lemon mixed with a mango shot and real mangoes. One of the problems with CC Lemon is that it lacks the sweetness of lemonade and the mango shot didn't add any sweetness or any real tang. The real mangoes in it were kind of funky because they were the size of ice cubes and not in top condition. 
Victor Nikiforov Drink
This is the best drink I have had from King of System. It was fruity and sweet, and while they did put a huge chunk of mint in it, if the mint had just been a little bit smaller it would have been perfect! It had little jelly's at the bottom and I love those! I also like the thirsty Yuri coaster that I got with it. 
Aobajosai High School Drink
This was my favorite Haikyuu drink! It was Calpis based but the mint and shot of fruit flavor that they put in it really made it worth it's while! 

Kitagawadaiichi Middle School
This drink was literally just milk with a shot of blue in it. I could not even figure out what the blue was supposed to taste like. I think it was a little sweet at least? 

Datekogyo High School
This was another drink that was pretty much just milk, but it did have a ginger flavor to it which I kind of liked.  I really bought it just because of the whipped cream on top, for some reason it convinced me it would taste better than it actually was. The wafers were also appealing but in the end disappointing. 


The Yuri!!! on ICE drinks were good. I would have loved to have had them again, but they were gone by the time I could make my next trip out. Out of all of them, I liked the Victor one the best! I hope that they do another collab with more characters!

For Haikyuu, I liked that Aobajosai drink, but I was disappointed that the other two were just milk. I wish I had the other drinks instead. 

What's next?

I'll be in Tokyo again in a few weeks and I can't wait to try the Digimon, Yowapeda and Super Lovers drinks!

What collab would you like to see?

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