Monday, February 13, 2017

Report: J-World - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

So I’m not the biggest JoJo’s fan in the world (that title belongs to my partner in crime Buttcape), but I’ve been enjoying watching the anime and I would like to start reading the manga because the artwork that I’ve seen is utterly beautiful. What I like about JoJo’s is that the characters somehow manage to be utterly beautiful, but in an incredibly masculine way. What I would say about this event is that it does not really capture that, but most of these events are based on the animes, and while the animes tend to be enjoyable, they do not usually have the same care and skill applied to the art as the mangas do.


So I ate almost everything on this menu. The onlys thing I didn’t try was the Koichi and Yukako drink sandwich combo set and the Okuyasu dessert.

*Taken from the J-World Twitter

I will say that a friend of mine got the combo set and while she thought the sandwich was good, the drink really was Coke with seaweed sticking out the top of the glass. She did not find it appealing.

Higashikata Josuke Stew
So I got this dish not really knowing what the food was going to be because I got too lazy to try and decipher the name, but it turns out it was a tomato based stew with yellow rice, some raw vegetables cut out to look like his jacket pins, a small salad, the a small hamburger steak shapes to look like his pompadour. Over all I would say that it tasted alright, even though it was a lot of food.
Kujo Jotaro Iced Milk Coffee
I thought the design sense was strong with this one, but it was really just iced coffee with milk layered on top and some whipped cream and marshmallows. There was absolutely no sweetener in it, and you could add some if you wanted, but overall I thought this drink was rather bland. The whipped cream was slightly mint flavored and while that was the most interesting part about this drink, the flavor profile didn’t really fit in with the rest of the drink, nor particularly the character. I think it would have been better if they had given Ocean Man a caramel sea salt flavor profile.
Kishibe Rohan Green Tea Cake
So I found this dessert so unpleasant I could not finish it. I thought the design since was strong, though I didn’t quite understand the spider, but it was green tea flavored with red bean put in it. I found the green tea flavoring to be overall too grainy and bitter, while the red bean wasn’t enough to help balance that out. The whipped cream was raspberry flavored which was very helpful when I was trying to eat it, but there wasn’t enough. I think that they used so much green tea when making the dessert to ensure that it had that deep green color, but I think would have been a more successful dessert if they had used less green tea and had put more raspberry in it to balance it out.
Higashikata Josuke Cake
I really enjoyed this dessert. It was a strawberry yogurt cake with a little bit of white chocolate and a little bit of whipped cream. While the design and flavors of this cake were simple, they were enjoyable. I’m not sure if it is the design or flavors I would have associated with Josuke, I would not hate eating it again.


The exhibit had several rotating games that they updated while the series was still on going. As I’m not much of a merch person, I did do any of the games, but they did have the Yukako mystery box game, which I found highly appropriate for the exhibit. 

My bros told me I was in more of a Rohan pose. Oops.
I was also pleased with the amount of photo areas they had in the exhibit. They had Kira’s desk that included small details like his bowling pin fingernail clippers, that you could sit at and take photos in.

Koichi is so tiny. 

They also had some strange three dimensional life sized Josuke statue that you could take photos with. While 3 dimensional statues from anime can be cool to see in real life, seeing an anime character like that is kind of strange and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I think Josuke’s prettier than the statue so that doesn’t help. I guess I kind of just thought it was an ugly figure. I’d really appreciate a pretty life sized Rohan.

J-World Store:

Again, while I’m not much of a merch person I found their selection rather disappointing. They had a couple key chains and some iphone cases, but for some reason they had a wider selection of Part 3 merch. It was just strange and disappointing. I wanted more cool Rohan merch.


Over all I would say that this event was fun! I enjoyed all the photo opportunities and over all the food was pretty good! It wasn’t anything like an actual art exhibit like I actually desire with a series like JoJo’s, but it was enjoyable! I hope they do another bigger exhibit when the live action movie comes out, but we’ll just have to wait and see! They might end up doing one in some place like Universal Studios Japan, which is so far from me that I’d have to make a special trip to Osaka for it.

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